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Riding the Wind and Waves -JBH Wheelchair Running Group

Zhoushan Islands Marathon Successfully Concluded

Sports enthusiasts from all over the country gathered are becoming a flowing landscape. Due to the epidemic, the marathon was small in scale, but it did not affect the enthusiasm of the participants.

The three wheelchair runners from the JBH Company appeared confident.

They have a high degree of understanding with their own "hot wheels",

To make their schedule handier, but it is undeniable that such long-distance and high-intensity exercise, is a test for the physical strength and endurance of the contestants. Relying on strong perseverance and belief in victory and struggling to the end

For the public welfare of JBH, we do not forget our original intention and strive to move forward on the road of helping the disabled. Where there is JBH, there will be a slogan "Advocating Barrier-free Travel". We well aware of what a "barrier-free environment" means to disabled friends.